PHS Robotics
Princeton High School Robotics Team
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What we do


We compete in the Trinity International Firefighting Robot Contest, and last year we sent 4 teams, and won the High School Team Olympiad Exam competition!


We organized hackPHS, a student-run high school hackathon as part of MLH's Local Hack Day.


Learn how to program with Python and other languages!

Manufacturing and Design

Use CAD to design for 3D Printing and Laser Cutting!

CS Competitions and Programs

We do CS Comptetitions as a group including hackathons, ctfs and more.

Much much more

We also do a whole lot more!


Here at PHSCRC, we have done many different projects and built many robots.


Firefighting robot


Firefighting Robot


Firefighting robot

Traffic Light

IoT Letter Day Display


Custom RepRap 3D Printer


Semi-autonomous hexacopter

Our Team

The awesome team here that makes everything run smoothly (at least for the most part).

Lincoln Roth


Charlie Luo


Joann Shi

Financial Manager

Aditya Prasad

Logistics Manager

Feel free to reach out to anyone of us if you have any questions!


Hear what our awesome Alum have to say about their experiences in CRC.

Gota Nakamura

Engineering student at WPI

I think CRC really is a great opportunity for people interested in programming and circuits. That kind of opportunity isn't common in most schools. So I think it's good for students like me!

Contact Us

Shoot us an email, and we'll be in contact very soon!